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07/31/08/.. Lunch with Kenny & Gary



07/08/08.. Playing with a watermelon

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07/25/08.. A walk in Boulevard Park

Today we went on a family outing to Boulevard Park by Bellingham Bay just before sunset. There was some sort of marathon running event going on, so we sat and watched the runners and the ocean. Kaisei was trying to eat the grass. He can almost crawl; right now he can scoot where he wants to go and is enjoying his mobility!

07/23/08.. Snap shots from today

Front door service!

Getting almost too big for this...

"I have a secret but, i will never tell."

07/20/08.. Chilling on the porch

07/19/08.. Laura & Mika Wedding

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07/16/08.. 5th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Today was our 5th wedding anniversary! We celebrated by going to Applebees for dessert & drinks. Kaisei was seated next to a 10 month old baby & was quite excited to see another little person like him.

Can I get some service here?

Kaisei is growing up so fast!

Getting our drink on!

07/11/08.. Mike Allen playing at Wild Buffalo

07/06/08.. Photos from Today

That is the "Kaisei" Star!

07/04/08.. Firework Display in Bellingham

07/04/08.. Paparazzi Dad

06/30/08… Megatron plays @ Lucky Lounge

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06/29/08.. Playing with Cheerios!

Waiting to experience his first taste of Cheerios! They were more fun to play with than to eat...

06/26/08.. Photos from today

The best smile yet!

06/25/08.. Jazz night at the Boundary Bay

My friend, Mark.

Delvon on trumpet

My friend, Isaac.

06/22/08.. Jen being a mom…

06/21/08.. 2nd film shoot with Emma

Photos from another film shoot with Enna in Vancouver BC. It was shot in a factory setting.

06/21/08.. Mealtimes

Mealtimes for Kaisei are becoming more interesting these days. He has started to eat rice cereal and is trying out new veggies & fruits. So far he likes applesauce & sweet potatoes, but doesn't like peaches. He likes when I let him hold the spoon or when I put some cereal on his high chair to mash with his hands. He's all boy! Yesterday his first tooth poked through! We were excited!

06/17/08.. Photos from Jean & Toby Wedding (held on 06/07/08)

Jean and Toby had a gorgeous wedding at the Semiahmoo Resort. The weather turned out to be really nice and it was just a lovely wedding. Here are some selected shots.

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06/17/09.. Kaisei sitting up

06/15/08.. Photos from Yambique show from wild buffalo

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06/14/08.. Kaisei 6 months old photos 2

Kaisei is now 6 months old. We cannot believe its already been half a year since he arrived! Kaisei is such a happy boy - he smiles and laughs a lot! He can sit up completely on his own unsupported, he is eating rice cereal with applesauce in the mornings, he likes to play with his feet and suck on his own toes, and I'm pretty sure I heard him say "Mama" the other day!

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06/12/08.. Kaisei 6 months old photos

06/10/08.. Kaisei in Sunset Pond, Bellingham WA

Kaisei can finally sit up on his own.

06/09/08.. Olivia Portrait

06/01/08.. Film shoot in Vancouver, Canada

The company I work for, Enna had a film shoot in Vancouver, Canada. It was for the upcoming training video for motivating workers to boost their productivity. It was a lot of fun!



Kaisei is almost 6 months old. Time is flying by. Today he was practicing standing all by himself while hanging onto the side of the ottoman. His legs are so strong! He is starting to get used to eating a little bit of rice cereal for breakfast - although most of it just ends up on his face!



With Sandy and Andrew

05/26/08.. Memorial Day

Hooray for three day weekends! This Memorial Day we spent the weekend together at home with Kaisei. He is such a sweetheart! Lately he has been getting lots of compliments about his hair-do which sticks straight up in front. Jun likes to spike it up with water! Its very cute!

Kiss kiss

"Monkey Boy"

Kiss kiss again!

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