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05/25/08.. A weekend in Bellingham

Kaisei & Jen staying at home in Bellingham

05/18/08.. Kaisei Photos

05/05/08.. Kaisei almost 5 months old

Kaisei is almost 5 months old now and I am coming up on my very first Mother's Day! He is becoming quite vocal and has learned a few new tricks really recently. He can now roll all the way over by himself and sit up using his hands to support himself. He likes to stick his tongue out and to be tickled. He is now a world traveller having just gotten back from his very first trip to Japan where he got to spend time with his grandparents & aunts. We had a great time and got lots of amazing photos to share with him when he gets older. The most impressive part of the trip was how well Kaisei did on the long plane rides. He was such a good boy!


04/04/08.. Kaisei 4 months old

Kaisei is already four months old now! He is becoming quite the "talker" and loves to smile and laugh - especially when he's with his daddy! He can almost roll all the way over - he should have it mastered in a few days. He is about to take his first trip to Japan this month - we hope he will enjoy the 11 hour plane ride!



03/17/08.. Kaisei 3 months old

Kaisei is now 3 months old. He is developing quite a personality. He is smiling, laughing and cooing often and is able to use his hands now to pick up toys. He is also working on learning to roll over. We think he will figure it out very soon.


02/20/08.. Kaisei 2 months old


02/03/07.. Kaisei 7 weeks old


Kaisei is now 7 weeks old and is growing so fast! He was 12.5 pounds at his last doctor's appointment last week. He is beginning to smile now and has started making all sorts of cute noises. We are planning a trip to Japan in April when he will get to meet the rest of his family. We are all very excited!


01/07/07.. Kaisei 4 weeks old.

Kaisei is already 4 weeks old! We cannot believe how quickly time is going by. He is growing so fast and his appearance seems to change almost everyday. He is looking more and more like his daddy - he is one handsome boy!! He still has his days and nights mixed up, but is improving slightly. He is such a sweet baby and is beginning to smile and make very cute noises.



12/30/07.. New Year’s Gift From Japan


12/25/07.. Kaisei is 2 weeks old

We cannot believe how fast time is going by. Our son is already two weeks old! We just celebrated his first Christmas - he is the best gift we could have ever received. He was dressed in a very cute snowman outfit for the occasion and was quite handsome! He had his two week checkup at his pediatrician's office yesterday and is doing great! He has grown 1/2 inch in length and 8 oz in weight since he was born. His "look" seems to change everyday. He is beginning to acquire more and more of his mommy's facial traits, but we still think he looks most like his daddy. We are loving being parents!!


12/11/07.. Kaisei is born!

On December 11th of 2007, our son arrived. We named him Kaisei Alan Nakamuro. He was born at 5 am and weighed 8.7 pounds. He was 20.5 inches long. He is very healthy and extremely sweet!! We are overjoyed and are enjoying our first days of parenthood. We look forward to taking him home soon.


More photos:

11/29/07.. Jennifer pregnant @ 39 weeks

It's one more week to go until our first baby is born!!




10/13/07.. Baby Shower for Jennifer & Kaisei

Today we were thrown a baby shower by my mother & my two best friends, Jean & Amy at my parent's house in Bellingham. We had a wonderful day and received many lovely gifts for baby Kaisei. We also played several very fun games including a baby food taste-testing game as well a game that involved identifying unknown brown substances inside a diaper (edible substances of course...) Many thanks to the hosts and guests for making it such a perfect day for us!


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