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02/01/09.. Lazy Sunday

Snuggling with mommy

01/31/09.. Hanging out Woods @ Coffee House

1/25/09.. Lazy Sunday

01/06/09.. Kaisei getting jiggy with it!

01/04/09.. Kaisei starting the Year 2009

With his favorite Tonka truck

12/28/08.. Joey’s 3rd Birthday Party

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12/25/08.. Christmas

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This Christmas, Kaisei's grandmother from Japan came to stay with us. They enjoyed each other very much and we all had a very pleasant Holiday season!

With Grandma

12/11/08.. Kaisei’s 1st Birthday

Kaisei received some flowers from his relatives in Japan today!

12/6/08.. By the Christmas tree

Waiting for Santa already with his friend Pandy

11/27/08.. Photos with Olivia on Thanksgiving Day

11/23/08.. Kaisei Almost 1-year old

11/4/08.. Hanging out at Boundary Bay

10/12/08.. Kaisei hanging out with Joel

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10/11/08.. Kaisei 10 months old

Kaisei is ten months old today! He can now say "dada" and "mama." He is very curious about everything and can move very fast when he wants something. He is practicing standing without holding onto anything and is getting better at it everyday. His favorite thing to do is blow "zerberts" on our stomachs! He thinks its hilarious and so do we!

10/01/08.. Kaisei with crazy hair (as usual)

09/30/08.. Kaisei bath time

09/21/08 Suzzane & Brent Wedding

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09/12/08.. Jazz night with Mike Allen

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09/11/08.. Kaisei practices his walk

08/31/08.. Sarah & Ron wedding

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09/06/08.. A night out

08/30/08.. Sleepless in Seattle

08/28/08.. Kaisei Photos

08/19/08.. Photos

08/16/08.. Jessica & Nate wedding

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08/08/08.. KJ Sawka @ Wild Buffalo

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08/08/08.. Photos

Kaisei with Jean, Amy and Mommy

08/05/08.. Kaisei practicing his crawl

08/02/08.. Visit with Nana

With Nana

08/02/08.. Chow time!

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